Dear Liza,

I appreciate the effort you've put into the cartoon and the post. And I know you've had nothing but the best of intentions in mind. But I feel the need to state two points and two small corrections:

First, No doubt this beautiful movement was initiated by the brave Iranian girls who have been subjected to relentless bias and cruelty for over four decades since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. If there's any such thing as authentic feminism, this should be it. But Iranian demonstrator girls and women of all colors, faiths, and beliefs made it clear very early on that this is by no means an exclusive movement. As they heard their whole-hearted support from men ("Woman. Life. Freedom"), they responded by including men in their chants ("Man. Homeland. Prosperity") and marvelously complemented each other. This unprecedented unity between men and women toward a bright future could pave the way for all of us. I think you inadvertently gave a Western feminism aura to what it is not. The inclusivity of this movement brought men like me (and even conservatives) with it, and the girls deserve nothing but the best of outcomes.

Second, in your first cartoon, the flag you have drawn is The Islamic Republic's. This flag will cease to exist as soon as Iran is free. It's a dark symbol for Iran's darkest chapter in its history. Of course, this is "officially" the flag of Iran, but trust me when I say that over 90% of the country detests it and wants the old flag back. There are also talks about coming up with a new flag.

And as for the two small corrections:

1. The hashtag is #MahsaAmini and not #MashaAmini. Masha is a Russian name.

2. The name is Kianoush Ramezani, and not Ramenzani.

Thank you once again! I hope this underreported revolution will gain the media coverage it so deserves in the West.

That eerie noise in your head, what if it’s forever?

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