Give Chaos In Music A Chance!

Music should not become a flat society

2 min readSep 23, 2022


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This post is from our blog vault circa 2015, here for historicity and comparison. A lot has changed since we jotted these mumbled lines down.

All we are saying is to give chaos in music a chance!

To be honest, we should sometimes be humble and express our contentment with the state of music today. For instance, listen to the opening track on Arc Rev One’s new album Last Transmission From Sector 7 released only last night. The album swims on different wavelengths and depths, but “Silent Rage” is where the chaos hits a sweet pinnacle. It inherits a playful kind of blues, but not the King Solomon Hill type, not the Reverend Gary Davis type, and not even close to the early Black Keys days.

“Silent Rage” blues is more of a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion kind blended into a sludgy Front Line Assembly bubble gum. There is a lot of noise and interlaced feedback involved. But surprisingly enough, they are overshadowed by the twisted riffs and confusion the tagline generates.

Now what the silent rage is specifically manifesting is not entirely clear. But it sits perfectly well with the “Flat Societies Theorem” we have been almost harassing you on the blog. We are constantly reflecting on what the future has up its sleeve for music. We have rock stars making TED talks about the future. Some others have started going around calling the music industry a parasite and attending the copyright funeral…while themselves becoming victims to has-been-ism and repetition. It’s quite a wise choice for us to switch to a completely different channel where you hear none of this nonsense.

This is how we think “Silent Rage” stays relevant to the mess we are in. The mess we seem to enjoy.

Last Transmission From Sector 7 is the latest [this is 2015] album by Leftfield / Experimental / Electronic producer Arc Rev One spearheaded by Dave Maroul and made in Houston TX. If you need more surprises in your life, the song we have posted does not fully represent the album. You can reach out for more.

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