GONGENHUM’s Favorite Music of 2022

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GONGENHUM’s Favorite Music of 2022, Cover made with Canva

Here is GONGENHUM’s favorite music of 2022. Top 50 favorite songs and 10 favorite albums. I would also like to read your favorites. There is always brilliant music one misses. And since I am quite opinionated when it comes to music, I’d prefer lists that are ranked. I have this weird hypothesis based on which I believe there is objectively good and bad music. Up for discussion! But the music I list here is not. Wink.

Thank you for reading my blog. And thank you to all the publications who allowed my writing on their platforms, however SEO-unfriendly it was. I’ll try to be better at that in 2023.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.


GONGENHUM’s 50 FAVORITE SONGS OF 2022, Cover made with Canva

No one who’s read my tweets in the last three months should be surprised by the top pick.

50 black midi “Welcome To Hell”

49 Fever Ray “What They Call Us”

48 OFF! “War Above Los Angeles”

47 Beach House “Superstar”

46 Pusha T & Kanye West “Dreaming Of the Past”

45 Danger Mouse & Black Thought “The Darkest Part”

44 Sault “Warrior”

43 Galcher Lustwerk “Fifty”

42 Godfrey At Large “Wireless”

41 Men I Trust “Girl”

40 Anteloper “Earthlings”

39 Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow “INDUSTRY BABY”

38 The Smile “Waving A White Flag”

37 Lucrecia Dalt “Gena”

36 Infinity Knifes & Brian Ennals “Coke Jaw”

35 Anja Lauvdal “The Dreamer”

34 Pole “Grauer Sand”

33 Beak> “KOSMIK MUSIK, Pt. 2”

32 Makaya McCraven “So Ubuji”

31 Heilung “Nikkal”