Listen To Two Sinister Songs, Because Words Are Useless

I give you Good Willsmith and Ash Koosha. What do you do for your country?



Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

Listen to two songs! As a reward, I will ask you to buy me a frozen pan pizza at the end of this post, so you have that to look forward to.

Good Willsmith — Snake Person Generation

Snake Person Generation by Good Willsmith album cover

Good Willsmith unveiled a previously hidden transmission from the satellite heart. It is, however, not an unreleased track. But it keeps shying away from any source of light nevertheless.

We still rotate The Honeymoon Workbook (a beloved favorite album back in 2014) whenever we need an uber-natural oscillator to grab our bulk of grey matter as a whole, give it a neat and psychedelic discipline and apply the radio static factor to its core. For all fellow ghosts gone astray, the Chicago trio has plans for a partial return.

There was a new tape called Snake Person Generation. It contained an extended improvisation that belongs to the pre-Workbook days and four other dream outputs. “High Level Vintage Magic” is the tape’s closer. It replaces the anarchic ambient lawlessness of Workbook with a gargantuan empty space that provokes a haunting state of uncertainty. It reminds us of how the first half of The Knife’s “The Captain” was deliberately formed. Here though, the noise is mitigated using permanent unknown creatures’ chattering (which should, under common scenarios, not act as a mitigator. So what gives?) as if we are left unsupported in the middle of an H. P. Lovecraft novel. The cover art came to the rescue on that final thought.

Snake Person Generation was in July 2015 via Hausu Mountain records.

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