Sky Status Update: (Blue)sky Condition

2 min readSep 9, 2023
Stockholm Sky situation, Photo taken by the author

Hello Medium cronies and neighbors! The above is the Stockholm sky. No more blue, and I don’t think it will get any better.

But there is a new blue.

Just dropping in to say that I have finally been given permission to join Bluesky, and that is what I did. I hope I can avoid the X microblogging freakshow that never did me any good. I don’t expect any miracles on Bluesky, either. I just hope I can have some music conversations that brighten up my day now and then.

Here is where you can find me.

Give me a signal if you are also there! I will post music-y things through a cultural lens and whatnot. I find peculiar and fascinating under-the-radar facts in the middle of music essays and interviews that I like to share.

Not much will change otherwise, I’m still on Medium and, very slowly, beginning to get the hang of it.

Some unsolicited status updates if you don’t mind:

  • I am reading Yes by Thomas Bernhard. Thirty pages left.
  • My next book will most probably be The Human Stain by Philip Roth. I heard somewhere that it is a book about cancellation. Splendid.
  • Albums on my heavy rotation as we speak are Pripyat by Marina Herlop, Marzipan by Charif Megarbane, Musik Kring Vasa by Westra Arots Waits. Three completely different types of animals. All worth your gradual hearing loss.
  • I have started going back to the gym. My girlfriend is the main culprit behind this coup.
  • I drank red wine served cold. If you haven’t tried it because you zealously think it should always be served at room temperature, I can’t blame you. But a waiter in a restaurant in Westerpark, Amsterdam, made me consider this idiosyncrasy.

Lastly, if you have ten minutes you can afford to waste, here is a short story I wrote a while ago. It is about schadenfreude; feeling at ease with the demise of a vile person. It’s called The Death of Kurmudgeonsson.




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