Top 50 Albums Of the 2010s

You always wanted a twenty-tens album list that is objectively accurate. You are not dreaming. This is it. Be humble!



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Below you find my top 50 albums of the 2010s. It took a few years to make up my mind. The albums, their orders, and new surprises have been in constant mutation. It is only after four years that I have finally decided on a list that will probably not significantly change.

The list is preceded by an unordered list of honorable mentions I could not keep myself from ignoring.

For an album to be considered in the list, it should have been released between January 2010 and the end of December 2019, and it should be a studio album meaning live albums or compilations are excluded.

From a statistical point of view (excluding the Honorable Mentions), the years 2011 and 2013, each with seven albums, seem to be the most significant years in my music listening of the decade. 2018 contains only two albums, one interestingly being the longest album on the list clocking in at 480 minutes.

A few items on the list contain more than one album. These exceptions are for albums (or an album and an EP) released under the same year that are too close in the concept that one cannot think of them as separate works.

The ordering and the preferences stem only from my personal taste and relation to the albums. Factors like chart positions, number of sales, or artist popularity or stature have had no effect on my choices.

I have tried, as much as I can, to mention the artist names and album titles in their stylized versions. So, if you see a missing caps lock somewhere, that could be the reason.

This is obviously a list of albums and not a song list. The two concepts I usually keep apart. A favorite song could be placed in an album that, in my opinion, is not a considerably magnificent album. An example of that is David Bowie’s “Blackstar” which opens the album of the same title (2016), which is a real favorite of mine. But as an album, Blackstar does not quite cut it. The emphasis on this list remains on albums, although on the majority of albums on this list one finds hit and quality songs from which one can cherrypick.




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