We Shall Die Here

Reminding you about The Body, plus a short bleak note on future generations

3 min readOct 3, 2021


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

The following paragraph comes from 17 Near-Death Experience Accounts from “Beyond the Light”:

I tried to see something, but all there was to see was this cyclonic void that tapered into a funnel. I kept grabbing at the sides but my fingers had nothing to grasp. Terror set in, true terror. I saw a black spot, darker than the funnel and like a black curtain, falling in front of me. Then there was a white dot, like a bright light at the end of the funnel. But as I grew closer, it was a small white skull. It became larger, grinning at me with bare sockets and gaping mouth, and traveling straight toward me like a baseball. Not only was I terrified, I was really livid, too. I struggled to grab hold of anything to keep me from falling, but the skull loomed larger. ‘My kids, my baby is so little. My little boy, he’s only two years old. No!’ My words rang in my head and ears. With a bellowing yell, I screamed: ‘No! damn it, no! Let me go. My babies need me! No! No! No! No!’

~ P. M. H. Atwater, the near-death story of Gloria Hipple of Blakeslee

I was cruel but nakedly honest in a conversation with two friends on my view about the future generations a while ago. And that came straight from my bleak candid opinion on death. And I’m still sticking to that: We are no longer there in human form! So your investment in the posthumous world minus you go completely to waste. Once you head for the happy hunting ground, moral values such as helping others, sympathy, and kindness are of no significance and priority. It is like asking Raggedy Ann to take care of your pet squirrel.

So why worry about something in the era in which you are no longer valid or functional?

And a good name to remain?

What is a good name? In this desolate state of unbeing, Manson equals Mao equals Mahatma equals Mohammad. And neither is a part of this equilibrium. How is that for a near-death emptiness? I guess all we can do is to take a chill pill and go carpe diem while it lasts. To help, watch Sam Harris make a lot of sense out of death in absence of religion.




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