Whatever Happened To Beer on the Rug records?

Looks Realistic’s VA/A found, but on YouTube after alleged the catalog wash



Photo Source: Looks Realistic’s VA/A Cover Art on Bandcamp

While I was away from the music-snob blogosphere, something happened to Beer on the Rug records. The links are not there. But they are apparently archived on The Bortchive. The update says:

As of…I guess, 29th of October 2019(?), BOTR has come back…sort of. Their Soundcloud has been properly re-instated with all the tracks still there, but their Bandcamp only has the last three releases on it currently. We’ll continue hosting these backups and alternative links to their back catalogue until they put everything else back up.

I hope they come back in some form. But until then, here are my ancient feelings about one of their releases by Looks Realistic.

A possible silicon-based life is forming on the first half of “Geodis Arc”. It is a close companion to something one can hear in the idyll that Proteus can bring to life. And if that is what the mind is supposed to cruise on, the second half has to compensate with the offspring this alien environment has generated, waving around in ambient liquid pads. And it leads us to a very naturally conceivable shore. A safe one.

I, the withdrawn verbose ghost of this joint, happen to be a Beer on the Rug records enthusiast. These guys have simply made my life much more worth living. And they don’t even know that. Looks Realistic’s VA/A is one of my favorite releases from the catalog. It’s Joe Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall from Worcester, Massachusetts and they have programmed quite a sonic lab together. I picked “Geodis Arc” (Track 8, starts at 48:37)from this hour-long digitally released LP because I thought it has its own foreword and epilogue.

Tomorrow my standards will be thrown into a deep well.